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The Kaihua Temple, also known as The Guan Yin Ting in the center of Changhua, was built in 1724 AD (during the 2nd year of Qing Yongzheng)

That is the Buddhist6 Goddess of Mercy7, Guanyin. This temple is dedicated to her, but over 10 other gods and goddesses are also worshipped8 here, like The Three Divine Officials(三官大帝), The Goddess of Child Birth(註生娘娘),Prefecture City God ( Chenghuang城隍爺 ), Earth God (福德正神), Bodhisattva Ksitigarbhas (地藏王菩薩 ) and Wenchang Dijun (文昌帝君)

The only one godness in Taiwan: A couple of Acne(痘公痘婆) ) If you are infected with diseases, crisis and helplessness, people often pray through religious beliefs to be free from the harm of infectious diseases and the local people of Changhua believe that as long as there is a skin problem, they can come to seek A couple of Acne , and the problem will definitely be solved

開化寺位於彰化市中心,又名觀音亭,建於西元1724年(清雍正2年),主祀神明為:觀世音菩薩,陪祀神明為: 三官大帝、地藏王菩薩、註生娘娘,開化寺還有全台唯一的【醫美之神】的神明:痘公、痘婆,彰化當地人相信只要有皮膚問題就可以來求痘公、痘婆,問題必定可以解決。


Plenty of places to eat snacks and local dishes around the corner

Let's delve into the experience of Changhua hustory and goodness

There are numerous temples and historic sites worth visiting in the surrounding areas




From Kaihua Temple main entrance, go to  Minzu Road

From whichever direction you go to  Minzu Road, there are direction signs along the way, Feel free to explore the area with the most abundant historic sites in Changhua

從開化寺正門走向民族路, 往民族路,不管哪個方向, 沿路都有指標



開彰祖廟 The Kaichangzu Temple

The Kaichangzu Temple, also known as The Great South Gate Fude Ancestral Hall, was built in 1724 AD(during the 2nd year of Qing Yongzheng) and was demolished in the 25th year of the Republic of China for opening up ethnic roads, leaving only fragmentary temple land, through the help of local people It was not until the 62 nd year of the Republic of China the temple was finally rebuilt. 

Fude zhengshen(福德正神 called Tudi gong(土地公) . Tudi gong is ranked low in the spectrum of popular deity in Taiwan although. He is the most common deity in Taiwan. The shrines dedicated to him are almost everywhere. Inother words, Tudi gong is intimate to people. The origin oFf Tudi gong is believed from ancient Sheshen(社神). Sheshen represents the earth. Up to an Emperor,down to the populace, everyone should worship to Sheshen. It is because people thought that the earth carrying,nourishing them. People cannot escape from the duty of respecting the earth. However, there are also manystories about Tudi gong today. The stories are often about that someone became Tudi gong after he was dead because his righteous or straight behavior when he was alive. The stories also provide the possibility why there are still so many Tudi gong today.

開彰祖廟 又名大南門福德祠,建於西元1724(清雍正2年間),民國25年因開闢民族路而遭拆除,僅存零碎廟地,經地方人士奔走幫忙,直至民國62年才終於讓廟宇得以重建。

福德正神,又名土地公, 土地公在民間神靈譜系中排名很低,是台灣最常見的神。 供奉他的神社幾乎無處不在,換言之,土地公與人親近。起源於古代社神,直到皇帝,下至百姓,人人都應祭祀。 是因為人們認為地球承載著,滋養他們。 人們無法逃避尊重地球的責任。 不過,也有很多故事往往是關於某人死後成為土地公的故事,因為他在世時的正義或正直的行為。 這些故事也提供了為什麼今天還有那麼多土地公。

鎮安宮 The Zhen'an Temple

 The main worship of the Sanshan King , the 28th year of Qing Daoguang , earthquake tilt reconstruction, in the 6th year of Showa of reconstruction, the 95th year of Republic of China due to the collapse of the temple roof, the same year on December 5 (lunar calendar October 22) held a ceremony to enter the fire and install the throne.

 Opening its doors for the first time after a consecration ceremony in Dec, 2006 

The Zhen'an Temple is a symbol of the continuing importance of Taiwanese folk religions in the lives of the people here.  

Sanshan guowang (三山國王), Lood of the three mountains, is an important god set of popular religion inTaiwan. It is estimated that there are about 170 temples dedicated to Sanshan guowang, in Taiwan, 1996. Lord of the three mountains is a collection of three mountain gods who originated from Chao zhou (潮州),.The three mountains are MountainJi(巾山),MountainMing(明山),and MountainDu(獨山).San-shan is their collective name.

主祀三山國王,道光二十八年地震傾斜重修,昭和六年重建,民國九十五年因廟宇屋頂塌陷,同年十二月五日(農曆十月二十二日)舉行入火安座典禮。 火安座典禮後對外開放,是民俗信仰仍深植台灣人民心中的象徵。

三山國王(Sanshan guowang),三山之神,是台灣民間宗教的重要神祉。 1996年台灣估計約有170座供奉三山國王的廟宇。三山之主是廣東潮州三山神的集合。三座山是巾山)、明山和獨山。三山是他們的統稱

聖王廟  The Temple of the Holy King

The Temple of the Holy King(picture 4), also known as the Weihui Palace and the Kaizhang Temple of the Holy King, The main god is Chen Yuanguang(陳元光) , the Holy King of Kaizhang , is the main religious deity of the Zhangzhou people, and accompanies the gods: the Lady of the Sacred King of Kaizhang, the Guanyin Bodhisattva. It was built in 1761 AD

Enshrined here is Chen Yuanguang (陳元光), patron god of China's Zhangzhou (漳州), who was responsible for many of Taiwan's pioneer-era immigrants. Chen was a Tang dynasty (唐朝) general sent to suppress a revolt in Fujian province. It is said he improved the lives of the local people by teaching improved farming techniques, earning their deep esteem



彰邑城隍廟  Zhangyi City God Temple

Zhangyi City God Temple was built in 1733 AD, the main gods are: Chenghuang Ye, accompanying gods: Lady Chenghuang, Fan、Xie General, Wenwu Judge, Guanyin Bodhisattva and little girl Liu Mangu 

The worship of a tutelary, or guardian deity of a town's walls and moats characterizes the cult of the Chenghuang. The deity is in charge of a range of public concerns, such as the need for seasonal rain to ensure crop productions; it also oversees personal requests, including the recovery from illness, even providing assistance with proof of innocence to those who feel wrongfully accused. 

After entering the temple, you will see Duke Weiling's statue placed in the center, flanked by his subordinates. Standing at attention also include: 7th Master (Black Impermanence) and 8th Master (White Impermanence). With gritted teeth and terrifying snarls, the deities add to the afterworld atmosphere of the temple. On the sidewalls of the temple - both to the left and right - statues of the 24 ministers subordinate to the city god are enshrined. Each is tasked with a specific duty, like the executive offices of government.



當你進入城隍廟後,會看見府城隍爺(威靈公)的神像高居殿堂,七爺(黑無常)與八爺(白無常)則隨侍兩旁。看著七爺與八爺青面獠牙、血盆大口的模樣,為廟宇增添不少陰森威嚇的氣氛。在廟宇兩側牆面,供奉著城 隍部屬,即二十四司;每人各司其職、各盡其能,如同公務機關的行政部門。 

彰邑明聖廟  The Zhangyi MingSheng Temple

The Zhangyi MingSheng Temple was built in 2001 AD, the main worship is the Tiger Ye General  The largest tiger in the temple, holding a willow wood knife in his left hand and a peach wood sword in his right hand, which is majestic; on the right, he steps on the sun with his left foot and the moon with his right foot, showing his mana profundity.

Tiger become a deity is connected with the human cultural related to tiger. Taiwan is not the origin place of tiger. It is no doubt that the idea and image of Huye comes from mainland China. They are brought by the Han people. The cultural, taboo, and legend related to tiger are complex and lasting. In Liangzhu culture(良渚文化)



彰化孔子廟 Changhua Confucius Temple

Changhua Confucius Temple was formerly known as county Confucianism, because in the 1st year of Qing Yongzheng (1723 AD) Changhua set up a county, in the 4th year of Qing Yongzheng (1726 AD) County magistrate Zhang Ho proposed the establishment of a school, built with Zhangyahua

Confucius Temples in Taiwan are a stark contrast to the beautifully designed Taoist and Folk Religion temples that you'll come across as they place more importance on simplicity rather than overloading your senses with design.

The simplicity exhibited in Confucius temples throughout Taiwan and the rest of Asia is meant to be a show of respect to Confucius as well as the importance of his philosophical views of education and his influence on Chinese culture and history.

One of the common features of all Confucius temples is that there is no imagery or statues of Confucius. This is a rule that goes back almost 500 years to the Ming Dynasty (明朝) when the emperor decreed that all Confucius temples should be uniform and only havie "spirit tablets" (神位) rather than images of the sage




所有孔廟的共同特點之一是沒有孔子的形像或雕像。這條規則可以追溯到近 500 年前的明朝,當時皇帝下令所有孔廟都應該統一,只有"神位",而不是聖人的形象。

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