供奉神明 Godness

三官大帝 The Three Divine Officials

The Three Divine Officials consists of three Guans which literally means officials , These three the Tian Guan(Guan of sky), Di Guan(Guan of the land) and Shui Guan(Guan of the Water) , traditionally called "Samn Gai Gung" in Taiwanese.is generally known as the three emperors: Tian Guan Emperor Yiao , Di Guan Emperor Shuen ,Shui Guan Emperor Yu

 Three sage kings Yao, Sun, and Yu. These are the semi-legendary first kings of China, who lived around 2200 B.C. Each is credited with making great contributions to society, such as a formal system of government, writing, and flood control. Yu may have been the founder of China's first dynasty.

道教中掌管天界(天府)、地界(地府)、水界(水府)三界之神, 閩南話俗稱「三界公」。 民間最普遍的說法,認為三官大帝是三位賢君。天官大帝為堯,地官大帝為舜,水官大帝為禹。

堯、舜、禹三官大帝,是西元前 2200 年左右中國最早的帝王,有半傳說色彩,也均對社稷有卓著貢獻,分別是政府架構、文字和治水。禹可能是中國首個朝代的開創者。 

觀世音菩薩 Bodhisattva or Guanyin

This bodhisattva is variably depicted as male or female, and may also be referred to simply as Guānyīn in certain contexts.

People describing him as a compassionate bodhisattva who hears the cries of sentient beings, and who works tirelessly to help those who call upon his name



城隍爺 Prefecture City God ( Chenghuang )

The worship of a tutelary, or guardian deity of a town's walls and moats characterizes the cult of the Chenghuang. The deity is in charge of a range of public concerns, such as the need for seasonal rain to ensure crop productions; it also oversees personal requests, including the recovery from illness, even providing assistance with proof of innocence to those who feel wrongfully accused.


福德正神 Fude Zhengshen

The shrine to the left is home to Fude Zhengshen, the god of land and wealth. The most popular of all gods in Taiwan, Fude Zhengshen can be found in most village shrines. 

Fude Zhengshen , commonly known as "Lord of Land", "Land Master" or "Land Divinity", may be the lowest-ranking and most unnoticed god of all divinities, but it's one of the most-widely worshipped gods among the Chinese people. In the past, nearly all households enshrined the Earth God , with temples of various sizes dedicated to the god scattered in urban and rural areas, attracting a large number of pilgrims.


福德正神,俗稱"土地公"、"地主"或"地神",可能是所有神明中地位最低、最不為人知的神,但卻是中國民間信仰普遍的神明之一 。  古時候,幾乎家家户户跟大大小小的廟宇都有供奉福德正神,吸引了大量的信徒。

地藏王菩薩 Bodhisattva Ksitigarbhas

In the buddhist tradition , we also have many such stories . for example , when he was alive the earth store bodhisattva promised that anyone who even heard his name he would take care of

在佛教的傳統裡,也記載著許多這樣的故事,如地藏王菩薩在世時發願:任何人只要聽過祂的名號, 祂都會照顧 

1. 常把地藏王菩薩看成地府的主宰,或稱為「幽冥教主」。

2. 人們往往希望地藏菩薩保佑生人、超度亡靈

十八尊者 Eighteen Arhats

The Eighteen Arhats (or called the Eighteen Arhats and the Eighteen Venerables) are the disciples of Shakyamuni Buddha.


註生娘娘 The Goddess of Child Birth

The shrine to the right is home to Zhusheng Niang, the goddess of pregnancy and childbirth, is enshrined in the altar on the right. 

 The Goddess of Child Birth ,the governor og the pregnant and that of childbirth , many believers come to pray their respects for pregnancy and safely giving births to their children



文昌帝君 Wenchang Dijun 

Wenchang Dijun governs the fate of Wen , including luck in exam and one's promotion his/her work , Many students pray to Wenchang Dijun for success on the tests.

This god is popular among students, who pray to him for success in exams. 


痘公痘婆 A couple of Acne

A couple of Acne (In the year 58 of Qianlong, an apse was added and worship began) If you are infected with diseases, crisis and helplessness, people often pray through religious beliefs to be free from the harm of infectious diseases and the local people of Changhua believe that as long as there is a skin problem, they can come to seek A couple of Acne , and the problem will definitely be solved


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